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Welcome to our Building and
Construction Sector.

If you are looking to gain usable space in your current home we can help! There is always a way and Lynch Construction Services are 
very experienced and knowledgeable on all  aspects of the building industry. 

So whether its an extension, A loft conversion or a complete reconfiguration our dedicated team are here to help.
It’s taken us many years to create the power team we now have and we are very proud of the services we are able to provide. If you are looking for an honest, reliable company who believe in sustainability as apposed to large profits then get in contact and arrange a free consultation.

We don’t just build because its our job, we do it because we are a passionate team who love to see the finished product we produce and the relationships 
we form along the way.

FOR A FREE QUOTE CALL US TODAY ON 01132 194991 OR 07494 523371

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